Tuesday, April 21, 2015

AC / DC drummer recognize life threatening – Express

The rock band AC / DC’s drummer has pleaded guilty to the threats of murder and drug charges.

Phil Rudd, 60, who is many years of band member, you get seven years in prison.

The troubled former AC / DC drummer Phil Rudd can get a long prison term after pleading guilty to murder threats and drug possession in New Zealand. He must have had methamphetamine and marijuana during the arrest, writes AP.

Rudd admitted that he had offered a colleague a large sum of money, vehicles and a house to a person were “taken out of play”, and that he has spoken directly to the person that he would murder him.

The fight should have begun in August during a party at Paul Rudd’s restaurant Phil’s Place. He should have been angry that his new album “Head Job” had not sold well enough, and therefore gave several people fired. One of those who was fired was the sacrifice he was especially pissed on, according to AP. It should have led to him a month later tried to order the murder of the man and the murder threatened him. The offer should have been 200 000 New Zealand dollars, a motorcycle and one of their cars or a house.

Now, he can be sentenced to seven years in prison for the crime, although his lawyer seeks a declaratory judgment that makes Rudd to avoid punishment. The 60-year-old drummer was released on bail on Tuesday, and will be heard in June.

An unusual with New Zealand law allows judges can choose to not judge a person pleaded guilty to a crime. The judge can do this in cases where the penalty feels too hard for the act.

In November, the star was suspected to have ordered two murders, but suspicions were quickly drawn back because of a lack of evidence. Phil Rudd was a member of AC / DC between 1972-1983, but was fired because of his drug use and a conflict with the band’s founder, Malcolm Young. In 1994, he subsequently a return to the band and has been playing with them ever since.


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