Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stolen sculpture recovered in Spain – Swedish Dagbladet

It was after a Sunday church service in Tidersrums church in autumn 2010 that someone put a ladder against the wall of the church, smashed a window and stole several unique items from the church. An altar crucifix and a wooden statue of the Madonna, both from about the 1200s and sculptures of saints St. Catherine and St. Olov from the 1300s were some of them.

– It feels like we have been robbed of our own church , said the contrite curate Magnus Svensson to SvD then.

objects , which are regarded as national treasures, has now been found by the Spanish police, state SVT. It was during the searches in Tenerife as they were discovered by a Spaniard with a Swedish connection. A Spanish man is previously convicted for having broken into a large number of northern chapel, but if it’s the same man this time is unsaid because there is secrecy in the case.

– It’s awful funny that, after five years have rediscovered the stolen statues, says Eva Nystrom Tagesson, curator at the County Administrative Board in Östergötland, to SVT.

The offense is similar a wave of church thefts that began in the 1990s. Then changed the thieves approach. They ignored more often in church silver and focused on the church room’s religious objects. In 2010, when the national treasures had just stolen from Tidersrum Church, explained criminologist Lars Korsell the new type of theft by a change in auction houses. In southern Europe was valued medieval ecclesiastical objects sky-high, and precisely in Sweden are religious objects preserved in large quantities, spared from wars and revolutions.

– 30 years ago dominated the auction houses of pretty geeky oddballs that dealt estate for pennies. Today marked the environments of shiny suits and business for millions. There is a market full of money that have grown as fast as the international furnishings industry, said Lars Korsell to SvD then.


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