Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ingemar Stenmark in shock after the win – Aftonbladet

Sweden’s greatest ski legends took gold – yet again.

Yesterday, won a happy but shocked Ingemar Stenmark on the tenth season of “Let’s Dance”, having hailed by Tony Irving.

– It feels great, it was a huge surprise, he said.

During this year’s “Let’s Dance” – season has Ingemar Stenmark repeatedly been cut by Tony Irving . But in the finals yesterday did an about-face jury members, hailing watching the favorite. In combination with viewers’ votes did it Stenmark a clear winner of the “Let’s Dance” in 2015. And according to TV4′s executive producer Anika Beclijevski there was no question about it.

– Viewers were determined.

“Not expecting something”

But for Ingemar Stenmark himself came first place as a shock.

– I did not think it was true , it was a huge surprise. I had not imagined that I would win, I was not expecting anything, he said.

He received the first-ever highest score for a performance by Tony Irving, who liked to ski the king was better than ever.

– He has developed. He has had good technique one moment and good show in the second, but have never managed to put together the same ingredients at the same time. But it was the last number that everything clicked, says Tony Irving.

Has developed

And dance partner Cecilia Ehrling , which after yesterday’s victory won the competition throughout the four times, agrees.

– Ingemar has done such an incredible development, from never having taken a step in your whole life to become James Bond jumping and bouncing. The trend is so lovely, she says.

In the audience had Ingemar Stenmark a loving team in the form of cohabitees Tarja Olli and daughters Nathalie , 28 and Iza , 7. Their presence meant a lot to the ski king, who mainly hoping for a win for Iza’s sake.

– I think that does certainly much for her, it feels good, he says.

Won daughter

And when it became clear that my father had won the whole dance competition broke down Iza, who began to cry with happiness.

– I thought so. I have believed in him all the time. Dad has been so clever. I’m pleased. Now I just want to run to him, she said shortly after the announcement.

His partner Tarja was as proud.

“extremely proud”

– I think it really means a lot to him personally. He has been very tough criticism from the jury and many have said that he should have gone out. I am extremely proud but I had never imagined that he would win, she says.

Now wait a quieter period for Ingemar Stenmark, who plans to retire from the spotlight after months of extensive media coverage.

– There will be quiet, most gardening. And in June a trip abroad with the family, he said.


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