Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We have enough millionaires here “- Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

George Lucas has previously had grand plans for a major studio facility in Marin County outside San Francisco. But residents of the area has rejected the idea.

Now, plans scream understood, and George Lucas thinks instead build rental housing on the ground, reports the American media. The director intends to self-finance the housing project, which can accommodate up to 324 apartments for people with moderate incomes.

“He said we have enough millionaires here. What we need is housing for ordinary working people,” says Lucas attorney Gary Giacomini, according to Cnet.

George Lucas bought the land in Marin County for more than 25 years ago. According to Cnet’s Marin County one of America’s wealthiest areas.

Angelo Garcia, president of Lucas real estate, told the Contra Costa Times that star director sees the need for apartments at reasonable rents, so that important professions as teachers and nurses should have the opportunity to live in the affluent area.


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