Friday, April 24, 2015

Marie was the loser who was the best – Expressen

Ingemar Stenmark did their best dances in the finale and surprised everyone .

Marie Serneholt became the loser who was the best.

The Stig Strand, Ingemars old slalom friend, told how he reacted when he learned that Stenmark would be in Lets dance.

It was so fucking unexpected.

That he would win, it was in advance unthinkable.

Ingemar Stenmark, the old man, he has been good at wearing down the steps and routines, he has danced right, the feet have been correct, but it has been lacking empathy and he was stiff on the dance floor .

But finally released both nerves and control. He played out his fotriktiga samba, he bounced Travolta-happily in quickstep to “Grease” and when “James Bond Theme” was played, then it was a Stenmark in tuxedos who grabbed his partner and implemented a neat show numbers.

Stenmark did Lets dance is all about, to learn the dances, to evolve and eventually peak in the final.

The long, hard road, it understood all the viewers who voted for the national idol.

Sure, it was a shame about Marie Serneholt, who had won against any other opponent at any time.

The very best was Marie in her first dance. What jive, which paced, quick feet, easy knees, a prestigious pressure and a radiant joy of dancing. They saw not who the couple who were professional dancer.

The tango with its austere elegance and the exuberant show the number, “Livin ‘la Vida Loca”, coupled she skillfully together a variety of dances.

Or, as the jury Tony Irving put it to Marie.

You’ve gone from dance to become a dancer.

Marie Serneholt sat scoring record, Ingemar Stenmark revealed their hidden sides and it was a very entertaining finale, Jessica Almenäs and David Hellenius led relaxed and moderately playful.

Hellenius reefs as usual in the finale of a pack parodies of the participants. They were not so nice, some were burlesque dregs, but they were very funny.

And so the victor’s final line.

The biggest gain has been that I dared to go out on the dance floor.


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