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Ingemar Stenmark: I feel sorry for Jonas – Expressen

Ingemar Stenmark was teary-eyed after the support that took him to the finals .

At the same time, he apologized for knocking out Jonas Bjorkman.

– I feel sorry for Jonas. He has made it quite amazing and danced the better, says Ingemar Stenmark.

The love from viewers rescued once again left Ingemar Stenmark “Let’s Dance” – which is now in the finals along with Marie Serneholt . This despite the fact that he received the lowest score of the jury.

Afterward it was an account and tearful ski legend.

– It feels fantastic. For me it is absolutely unreal.

You see almost tearful and taken out?

– Yes, but that’s me.

But while he was sorry to have knocked out the Jonas Bjorkman , which was the jury wanted to see in the final instead of him.

– I feel sorry for Jonas. He has made it absolutely amazing. He danced the better. But it’s impossible to do much about it now, says Ingemar.

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Last week he was ashamed to have knocked out the Alexander Hermansson .

– This is the same against Jonas also, as I felt towards Alex last week, he says now.

– But I still feel that I can be proud that has gone on since I got the popular vote. The support from the audience feels great. Absolutely fantastic.

But he says he understands if there are viewers who are disappointed.

– Some are certainly unhappy. The holding of Jonas, and I can understand that. He has done fantastically well and still not reaching the finals, so I understand if they are unhappy. He danced the better than me.

“I’m actually shocked”

Stenmark motfinalist Marie Serneholt was jubilant over her as a girl could break the old man’s trend in the final.

– It feels absolutely amazing. I’m actually shocked. You dare not take out anything in advance even though we were fine points tonight. Finally a girl in the final!

At the same time, she is concerned that there is strong support among TV viewers who competitor Ingemar Stenmark has to do her chance in the final.

– This competition is also about to win people’s hearts and it has Ingemar definitely done. There have of course seen the poll that has almost been more important, she says.

“Can not do more”

The jury is worried that it is not the one Dancing best wins, how do you feel?

– You should vote for the couple to have caught on to this season. It is up to each voter, then the people must decide. We can not do more.

The jury wanted Bjorkman

The Jury The trio was unanimous for the program, Jonas Bjorkman should have been in the final against Marie Serneholt.

– The is not the final dance wise, as I had wanted to see and it was evident in all our judgments tonight. I think Jonas Bjorkman deserved their place in the finals, really, says Dermot Clemenger .

– This one could have said a week. Despite everyone’s development, after all struggling as it is the jury against the people. I’m afraid that the Swedish people will vote based on their feelings for him, not on who is the best dancer, says Tony Irving .

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