Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Joni Mitchell in a coma – Aftonbladet

Joni Mitchell performed urgently to hospital on 31 March.

When was the 71-year-old singer found unconscious in his home.

Now reports TMZ that Joni Mitchell’s in a coma.

According to TMZ is Joni Mitchell unconscious to hospital in Los Angeles, do not respond when spoken to and shows no signs of improvement.

Close friend Leslie Morris has according to the site applied to become the legendary singer’s conservator on the grounds that Mitchell did not have any other relatives who can take on the role.

found unconscious at home

As previously reported completed singer rushed to hospital on March 31 after being found unconscious in his home in Los Angeles in the middle of the night. She has since been treated at the hospital.

In the ambulance will Mitchell have been conscious and the first reports from the hospital were positive.

On April 4, updated the “California” -sångerskans Official Twitter Account with a position update from the hospital.

“Joni remain under observation at the hospital and resting comfortably. Her progress is encouraging, as she continues to improve every day, “wrote one representative then.

Rare Disease

The eight-Grammy-winning singer has struggled with health problems over the past decade.

In an autobiography from 2014 tells Mitchell that she endured many difficult years due to the rare Morgellons disease leading to delusions. The condition was that Mitchell withdrew from the spotlight.

“When it was at its worst, I could not even wear clothes. The whole time I felt like I was eaten alive by parasites. I could not leave my house for years, “it says in the book according Express.

The book says she also six decades of smoking led to that she lost her singing voice.

Joni Mitchell was awarded the Polar Music Prize in 1996. The following year she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “Big Yellow Taxi”, “Help me” and “Both Sides, Now” are some of her most famous hits.


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