Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Teachers are reluctant to stop the brawl – Helsingborgs Dagblad

On the one hand, the school should provide pupils security and study, and teachers should intervene if necessary. On the other hand, individual teachers who behaved inappropriately reported to the Schools Inspectorate since 2011. It still hear unusual that it is done. But the fear of being reported is the more widespread: 45 percent indicates an increased concern over the last two years.

According to Bo Jansson, schools have become more inclined to act quickly when a student or parent threatens notification .

– My experience as a teacher and ombudsman is that it has become common for school management has become more soon to turn off teacher after complaints. I think doing so for fear of the school to get a bad reputation. But many times it turns out later, when the matter investigated, the teacher done right, says Bo Jansson.

Teachers’ Association invites all school principals to make clear what applies at the school, and stand up for their teachers as is warranted.

– For this to work well, one must have amenity rules that all the school has discussed and approved. Then, when a teacher intervenes teacher must have the support of the school management. Errors will of course be highlighted, but with clear rules must also be respected, says Bo Jansson.


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