Sunday, April 19, 2015

The anger after glitch that brought down Mühren – Aftonbladet

He karate kicked a wall and tore down a fern.

Magnus Mühren got a fit of anger after the botched fumble that felled him in “Eternal Glory”.

– I was fucking pissed, he said.

It was make or break into the first team finals in Sunday’s “Eternal Glory” on national television.

Björn Lind, 37, was already ahead and night duel between Danijela Rundqvist, 30, and Magnus Mühren, 40, would determine who got to do skier companion to the semi-finals.

Magnus Mühren got to choose branch and decided the new balance duel in which participants in a best of three rounds in the dark balancing on one leg at a brilliant cylinder.

Total confusion

But when the starting gun went by, the confusion is total.

In the first round stepped Mühren up with the right foot and fell down quickly.

– I was not really prepared. Before the race, I had practiced a flowerpot but this was a totally different story, he said.

In round two he tested instead of balancing on his left foot – when he stood how stable any time and won the round . The third and decisive duel was a long, smooth rysaromgång but eventually ran dryer and Mühren went into the hill and got the passport was home.

– It went much better with the left foot, then it’s just. I’m right legged normally but if I jump and make a starting point, I do it with the left leg forward. Looking at how it unfolds is no doubt about that I made a mistake and put me on the wrong foot in the first round, he said.

“fucking pissed”

Competition Humans in he was furious after the loss.

– I was fucking pissed, I wanted to be left behind. Björn and I had incredibly nice together and I wanted so much back to him. I ran a karate in a wall and sler down a fern. You’d think after all is simply not about to lose, it’s that simple.

He argues that the loss stung extra amount because the mistake could have cost him semifinal spot.

– Yes, but so is they say. She had another match if I stood on the right foot from the start. It was damn clumsy. I know I should have been able to do better than I did, and I had asked me with his left foot from the beginning, it had obviously not degraded my chances. But Danijela was a worthy winner, he said.


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