Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Christer Björkman: We were very surprised – Expressen

SVT was informed that Linus Svenning tested positive for cannabis.

But despite that got the artist to compete in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest – because the prosecution had not brought.

– Then we would have had to lift him from the competition, says Christer Björkman, executive producer .

Linus Svenning was taken by police after taking further from Second chance for the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He tested positive for cannabis.

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SVT was informed about the incident by the artist management during lightning convened meeting, the same week as the final was held.

It was determined that the artist would have to compete further in the competition – despite the rules on zero tolerance for drugs.

– We were very surprised and shocked. We took an appointment instantly. Where we clarified further that in no way is acceptable with drugs in connection with the Eurovision Song Contest, says Christer Björkman.

The reason to let Linus Svenning race ahead was to prosecution was not yet awakened. According to Christer Björkman nor did a second test results have come confirming that Linus Svenning smoked marijuana.

– Based on the rules we have about drugs so you must not have done it. Then we would have had to lift him out of the race. We have a zero tolerance. But we could not know with certainty that there were so. It does not agree with making a positive sample. As long as it’s not confirmed, it is difficult to do something. It may well have been wrong, says Christer Björkman and continues:

– No one has seen or suspected that he had been influenced in any way, during rehearsals or broadcast. He has not shown any kind of suspicious behavior or appeared under the influence. Then it is very hard at not wait for a confirmation.

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Sheep Linus Svenning stand in the Eurovision Song Contest next year?

– Yes. Now he is a penalty, and it just so happens that when you have atoned for a crime, then you can of course not be punished further. So absolutely. It is clear that he can. It is to be hoped that as a person gets sort this out. It’s terrible, unfortunate and tragic that he does, says Christer Björkman.

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