Monday, April 20, 2015

The legacy of Cheiron – an endless story – Swedish Radio

Stockholm Comforter Max Martin is one of the world’s most successful songwriters and producers ever. After hundreds of hits and years of silence, he lifts the lid on the documentary series The legacy of Cheiron – an endless story by Fredrik Eliasson.

When the legendary Cheiron studio was pumping out hits in the world for artists such as Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears was Max Martin one of the key figures. He was part of the låtskrivarteam as the studio’s founder, Dag Volle , gathered and learned in his hit fudge. Dag Volle had a unique sense of what went home with the big crowd and could immediately hear if a song was striking. Cheiron consisted of a bunch of hungry songwriters and producers who were best friends while there was a special competitive feeling in the air. Everyone wanted to be the best. Cheiron was the 90th century’s hottest hitfabrik in the world.

Max Martin came to be the big star producer and after the studio’s closure in 2000, he took the legacy of Cheiron further into new partnerships. A few years later came the next wave of success and it is Max Martin up on today. After the recent collaborations with artists such as Katy Perry , Pink , Taylor Swift , Adam Lambert , Ellie Goulding and Ariana Grande is Max Martin was one of the greatest in rock history. As a songwriter, he has managed to reach number one on the US Billboard much as 19 times. They do that he is part of a top trio together with John Lennon and Paul McCartney with the most ones in the prestigious top the list’s history.

Fredrik Eliasson produced the acclaimed 2008 documentary Cheiron – a Popsaga . Now he’s back with the continuation of The legacy of Cheiron – an endless story . In the five-part documentary series tells Max Martin for the first time in an interview about how the success story written on and about how new generations hitmaker is taught in the same school. In addition to the unique interview with Max Martin involved several of his colleagues who also decided to set up exclusive interviews in the series.

Part 1, Monday, April 20
After closing Cheiron was gang who worked at the studio in different directions during 2001. The first section explains some of the former cheironmedlemmarna about how they were working on to find new success. Max Martin, Jorgen Elofsson and Andreas Carlsson participates among others in the first part.

The legacy of Cheiron – an endless story broadcast in five sections 20 to 24 April, at 09:33 to 10:00 in the P4 Stockholm Swedish Radio.


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