Tuesday, April 28, 2015

“Always wanted to lick you” – read the director’s Dirty offer to … – Nyheter24

Famous actress got a job offer in a distasteful Facebook message.

Personality Scan Josefin Ljungman , 33, knows many back from including “Behind Blue Skies” and “I love no “. On Monday, she put up a picture of a Facebook message in which she had been offered a job of a director.

“I always wanted to lick you”

In this message Josephine was offered a role in a movie, and the director explains briefly what the film will go out on. But he concludes the message with a parenthesis: “I always wanted to lick you. Ideally behind. 69: an. And then you will be seen of course not really”.

But Josefin Ljungman avenged – by posting the message publicly on Facebook. “Any tips on how he’ll solve the auspices piece from his seat in the back – via monitor perhaps?” She writes in the post

Photo: Facsimile Facebook

But according to Ljungman this is not something unusual.

– I do know a girl for who have received the same letter. Now I am 33 years old and have been through a lot this kind of thing, but what if he contacts a younger girl who does not have the same support around them? It is not always easy or obvious to dare to say no if you are new or want to get a foot in the industry, says Josefin Ljungman Expressen.


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