Monday, April 27, 2015

Kurt Cobain becomes human again “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck” – Swedish Radio

It’s over 20 years since singer Kurt Cobain, one of grunge rock luminaries, took his own life. Although his band Nirvana just had time to give out three studio albums in the late 80′s and early 90′s, they gave that few other bands relief to a generation of disillusioned youth. While Cobain’s own life was full of pain, and it highlighted in a new documentary that makes a brief sojourn in theaters starting today.

Finding a good documentary about Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain and engine is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There have been far too many music journalists who base their opinion on an article they read in the 90′s.

Therefore, it feels Montage of Heck like a bargain, based on first-hand material and where experts talk were conspicuous by their absence.

With the movie “The Kid Stays in the Picture” which came in 2002 revolutionized Brett Morgen is slowly genre culture documentary. So to let him take hold of one of popular music’s most sönderälskade- and analyzed the fixed stars is wise. The result is not as creative as The Kid Stays in the Picture, but makes Kurt Cobain to man again.

With the help of beautiful animation , we recognize the grip of Malik Bendjellouls music documentary ” Searching for Sugarman, “may diaries, early sound recordings and radio interviews lives. We get new insight into the creative processes, in everything from how the band name emerged, Kurt Cobain notes about feminism and fatherhood.

And although many questions remain unanswered in the interviews with Cobain’s parents, take it anyway until a clear picture of an overactive boy early medication and early learning loathing feeling offended.

The film is made with Cobain’s life companion Courtney Love’s good memory, but it still feels like Morgen had some artistic freedom. For the family seems sympathetic enough not want to polish Cobain and Courtney Love’s facade. All headlines about Love’s heroin addiction during pregnancy broadly confirmed, as the pair filmed themselves during intoxication. It is heartbreaking to see the little broken knarkade family while trying to maintain normalcy.

The final steps into hell, ie the one which leads to the conclusion that Cobain shoots himself in the head spring of 1994, we do not see. But we are told that he despised those who missburkade heroin before he began. And after seeing him stagger around emaciated on his terrace, it is in no way swerving logical that he was there in the end was not an overdose that took his life.


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