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The language issue: Pretty Role in and out biljettång – Göteborgs-Posten

The app is one of 13 000 new words in the latest edition of the Swedish Academy’s dictionary. Biljettång is one of the 9000 who bust out. The principle is simple: life changes and hence vocabulary.

The dictionary can mean one of two things, first, the vocabulary that each one has available in his brain, and a dictionary to have on the shelf for business and pleasure. This week a new edition of the Swedish Academy’s dictionary (SAOL) out, which attracted the attention of both the broadcast media as old media (new word in SAOL).

In the excellent introduction states that 13 000 words to come and 9 000 words contained in the new edition. Vocabulary change can be described by the phrase: ORV out, Ideas submitted.

APP is a new word, now made his entrance in SAOL together with the other IT-word blogosphere , gps, pretty role, skajp, tweet and twitter. word app has also been added in most Swedes’ mental lexicon. The word ORV , however, are not as many Swedes mental vocabulary. ORV means lieskaft, which farmers and crossword solver know. The principle is simple: life changes and hence vocabulary. Most have apps on their mobile phones, far fewer have an ORV home.

The word ORV has been in SAOL since the first edition in 1874, and there are still with us. It’s not the kind of words that are removed. A word that contrast is removed, biljettång . The word entered the dictionary 1923rd

The reason that you rather removes biljettång than ORV is that the word is a transparent composition. If you know what ticket and seaweed means, so you can figure out what a biljettång is.

Conductors at SJ has become attendants, and they have instruments other than the pliers in his hands to register the tickets. Conductors has been equipped with the mark smth. aging., and train attendant entered the last edition. The word ticket we still use, although tickets can look anyway nowadays. The word ticketing came into the SAOL 1973, but has not supplanted ticket in everyday language.

Let me tell about the website SAOLhist. It is easy to find, and there are all previous editions of SAOL. Quickly and easily you can see when word came with the dictionary, and when it possibly disappeared. The word sofflocksmentalitet came with 1950 and disappeared in 1998. The word begråtansvärd was 1900-1998, and phages curly 1986-1998. But words can still be used – daily, if we so desire.

Words echo has increased. Finance came in 1900, Ecology 1923 Economic Crimes 1986 organic milk 1998 ecovillage 2006 and organic eggs 2015 Society of change reflected in the glossary.

You can think about when words for various conveyances came into the dictionary, such as car, bicycle, motor home, landau, moped, motorcycle, sidecar, vespa and SUV . SAOLhist give you the answers. A little exciting it all!

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