Friday, April 17, 2015

Bjorkman: Stenmark did not look ridiculous in the Hat – Expressen

Marie Serneholt reefs of the year’s best dance and Jonas Bjorkman was sweating home their tens of hip hop.

They were the week’s two best dancers, but only one went to the finals.

The neck was stiff in the tango and he looked crazy out of a hat in show number from the musical “Cabaret”, but Ingemar Stenmark danced better, had control, were relaxed and not nervous.

He’s been around a long time, he has developed a lot, but remained a little behind the others.

The jury has given Stenmark lower the score, but viewers have turned a blind eye by step and posture. All fans have kept life in his old idols dance career and now they lifted him into the finals.

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Jonas Björkman’s show numbers was hip, which really was different, far from the usual scanning force over the parquet. He did it forcefully and with great attitude, partly acrobatic.

In addition, he received the jury’s Ann Wilson to get a little excited rosy cheeks of heat and sexy equality in number.

But the rain of tiopoängare was not enough to take the one place in the final. Instead, he got to bring their audience’s tribute.

Marie Serneholt clearly had the best show number when she was dancing disco to old Dangan “YMCA”. It was not just the evening’s best dance, it was the season’s best.

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She and partner Kristjan Lootus was so perfectly synchronized that you actually did not see who was a professional dancer.

Three bucks for Disco and two tens and an eight for a beautiful, soft, elegant slowfox. This week, she also received adequate support from viewers, who thought Marie was the most worthy to go to the final.

Now, Marie Serneholt big favorite to win the glass shoe – the first prize just Ingemar Stenmark in a sketch yesterday released to the floor.


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