Friday, April 17, 2015

Fast through art – Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

Stockholm Art Week is in full swing, a wide events for three years during intense days markets Stockholm as a stage for contemporary art. Areas of emphasis on art fairs Market and Supermarket, they are opposites while complementing each other.

Market is expertly presented and prettier than ever in municipal Liljevalch where renting space at the art gallery manager Marten Castenfors for the second year in a row . The fair is successful in some of its intent – to reflect a high quality range of Scandinavia’s leading galleries. If it also succeeds with the stated objective to sell lyxprodukten art in the traditional mässinramningen of champagne and premiumbilmärken is more doubtful.

The two highest temporary but recurrent, art events fill ten. New this year is to Convenience Store, the alternative fair, moved out to Telefonplan. State of the so-called Black house adjacent to the College of Arts is not silly at all, even if it gets super crowded between booths.

But the labyrinthine have their advantages – being thrown abruptly between continents and impressions. Enthusiasts, artist collectives, groups and gallery compounds relate in different ways to this year’s theme is “representation” and “invisibility”. The grant from the left and the use of buzzwords in time is programmatic.

As often before offers Supermarket, supported by grants from the Arts Council, the City of Stockholm and various nations cultural institutes, on a crowded insight into scenes that you would never otherwise get to see.

An artist run gallery from Tirana shows including some porn in oil, a ditto from St. Petersburg has hung a coarse pixel-alloy photo of Putin , an apparent protest action. It features art from Ramallah and Dar es Salaam.

In Damascus Gallery Allartnow is a group exhibition of works which builds on Albert Camus’ novel “The Plague”. The link to the war plague in Syria becomes clear in a watercolor by Mahmoud Dayoub where a monster eats itself.

Stockholm gallery Tegen 2 weaves a beautiful tapestry around the legend of sjusovarna of Ephesus from the 400s, a story available in both Christian and Muslim tradition. There interact Kent Klich portrait of sleeping homeless fine with Linda Shammas series “I see,” where she digitally signed eyelids of the depicted in a number of older anonymous photographs.

Elaborate and thoughtful Also, many of the presentations at the Market where Liljevalch airy rooms and fine light contributes to the streamlined aesthetic impression. Several exhibitors showing mini-exhibitions. As Galleri Magnus Karlsson, where Dan Wolgers shows gadgets with the usual quirky titles such as “Time I and II” golden old wall clocks lard filled with watches. Or the minimalist view suite “Text”, frames inside frames that causes a meditation by the artist around St. Augustine and own aging.

Right next door gives Gallery Riis the great hall an anchor by only showing one gigantic works. It is one of Andreas Eriksson’s abstract nature paintings, so new that it still smells like paint. Four feet high and three feet wide hovers the seemingly freely just above the floor.

Apofeni, the tendency to see patterns where none exists – for example, to load the faces or figures in a speckled wallpaper – is, according to the artist himself the main thread of Lotta Hannerz exhibition at Gallery Lars Bohman space. The sculptures and paintings recur small monkeys and a being like a bad kneaded Moomins on neurologically inspired adventure.

And at the gallery team Andréhn-Schiptjenko have Carin Ellberg allowed their garden grow out of the framed paintings and out of the walls in pastel tints.

Some exhibitors has brought goodies from the store. You may be surprised to find a 45 years old calligraphic painting by Willem de Kooning, a new gouache by Georg Baselitz or a powerful yellow and black works of Leif Elggren from 1983. The latter hangs on the wall of a gallery sons Belenius-Nordenhake. Where the glitter is also the artist and DJ Ilya Karilampis a golden mirror, a homage to club culture equipped with brand logos, battery symbols and names of dj colleagues. Even artists and gallery daughters of Anna Elle Gallery exhibits works depicting logos, typical symbols of commodity fetishism that literally rots before our eyes. Here it is Hans Jorgen Johansen who squeezed into handväskeimperiet Louis Vuitton “LV” in plaster, which form the basis for a mold culture he then photographed in close-up.

Do you spankulerat finished among cream of contemporary Nordic is only a few steps down to the quay, Spirits Museum and Stockholm Art Book Fair, a book fair with small fine art and photo book publishers as participants. Available energy left, you can take the ferry to Slussen and go to Fotografiskas parallel events Photography Market.


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