Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sjödin’s job in jeopardy – after bicycle accident – Express

Agneta Sjödin broke her hip in a dramatic bicycle accident and danger but for life.

Now, TV4 profile already miss scheduled jobs, including “Fort Boyard” where the recordings kicks off a month.

– We would hope that everything will go well and the main thing is that she gets well. Then we take it from there, says Clara Ytterborn, executive producer at TV4.

Yesterday morning, rode Agneta Sjödin, 47, as usual filming of the TV show “Living Pulse” on TV4. Outside Gröna Lund in Stockholm which she swerved for a truck that was parked, and got stuck with the tires in the tram track. She hit the ground with a bang, landed on his elbow, hip and ended up under the truck.

– It was a nightmare really, ugh. I got in pretty good speed, so I just slapped in. So I lay there and did not come up. “Someone must help me,” I cried. I panicked. You have time to think after all that much. I thought that now I die, she says.

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She was taken to the Karolinska University Hospital where after x-rays could conclude that the hip was broken.

– Agneta’s really sad and in shock. It’s a dream come anchored, said Nina Mårthans, Project on “Living Pulse” who was with her at the hospital immediately after the announcement.

Today surgery Agneta Sjödin for the broken hip. Two screws surgically inserted, and she will probably remain in the hospital the week.

– They say there is a risk that she may be but for life. But she has talked with the doctor who will operate her and she got confidence, says Nina Mårthans that late last night left the hospital.

– She is in good spirits drinker. It is of course a little shock to take care of now, to understand what has happened. She needs to listen to the doctors now and just rest for it to go as well as possible.

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Sjödin gets away from the television program “Living Pulse”, but other television jobs are at risk.

– We understand that it takes a long time to heal, up to two months, and then it becomes rehabilitation and she will go on crutches. So even “Fort Boyard” is in danger, says Nina Mårthans.

On TV4 has not had time to discuss what it means for the filming of “Fort Boyard”, which begins recording in a month.

– It is far until we start recording. We hope she will have time to become good until We get to have a dialogue with her about the healing and doctors and we put Agneta in the first place, of course.

Expressen talking with Agneta again at 21 o’clock on Tuesday evening . Then she is tired but in good spirits before surgery.

– The staff here are amazing and they have showered me before the surgery that is eight o’clock in the morning. And I’ve got stuff great support from everyone, I have not managed to read it all over for it so much. Now I’ll sleep before surgery, so that everything goes well. But thanks for all the support, she said.


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