Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Agneta Sjödin on support after the accident: “So grateful” – Aftonbladet

Just weeks before the big bike adventure fell Agneta Sjödin so bad that she broke her hip.
Now awash presenter of support from colleagues, friends and viewers.

– Folk show so much love, she says.

There is something leisurely and dreamy over Agneta Sjödin usually so risers TV voice.

And it is not so surprising. When Nöjesbladet talking to her on Tuesday evening, she is heavily medicated. The host treated at the Karolinska Hospital in Solna, and tomorrow morning she will undergo surgery.

– I have received a lot of painkillers, so I’m very tired. I’m going to sleep soon, she said.

– But I am in very good hands. The staff here is fantastic, I am grateful that there are so fine and talented people in health care.

“Received the beautiful greetings”

It has not even been twelve hours since she came on cycle and would steer clear of that truck at Gröna Lund on Djurgården in Stockholm.

Agneta could not understand what happened before she was under the truck. The pain swept over her immediately.

At the hospital, doctors could see that she had broken her hip. It does not get any of the long bike ride for charity as she would have done in the US in May with, among others, the comedian Måns Möller.

– I have been looking forward to it very much. But now I can not do anything about it. I’ve got lovely greetings from them today, it was fine.

Looks helicopters

During the day, friends, colleagues, fans and TV viewers sent lots of warm greetings to Agneta Sjödin on social media. The support has touched Hosted strong.

– I’m very grateful for all the love I have received. It makes me extremely happy. I am convinced that it helps the healing process as well.

– I have not had time to answer everything yet. But I’ll do it then.

His colleague Kristin Kaspersen received today snatch the replacement for Agneta in “Living Pulse”. When she will be able to be back in the box is at present unclear.

In early June, begins filming of a new season of “Fort Boyard”. Then hope Agneta able to be with.

– There will be enough crutches for a few months, so I have to take them with me to the fort, she says.

– Right now, I focus entirely on listening to the doctors and healing. I’m in good shape, so I think it will go quickly.

What is the plan after the surgery?

– I’m still in hospital days. They say I will get to go home on Friday or Saturday. I hope on Friday. But one good thing is that I have pretty good view from my room. I look over the helicopter pad. Before, I saw a helicopter to land. It was awesome.


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