Friday, April 24, 2015

As feast “Let’s Dance” stars in the night – Aftonbladet

Ingemar Stenmark is king even at the after party.

“Let’s Dance” -vinnaren was greeted by cheers and gave us victory dance.

– Now I entered the second breath, he said.

After the broadcast of TV4′s “Let’s Dance” was proposed heels on the official afterparty at Grand Hotel Stockholm.

The winning couple Ingemar Stenmark and Cissi Ehrling came to the hotel by limousine and ended up directly in the spotlight when they face high cheers performing with race number from Grease.

– It was absolutely amazing. What a show! Ingemar is such a star, says Marie Serneholt.

But the long and hard season has taken its toll

– We’ll see how much I can dance. My toes have checked out. The feet feel like that but I’m happy. I feel like a winner so it’s clear that I will celebrate tonight no matter how discharged I am after night, she said.

Stenmark: “Maybe drink”

Ingemar Stenmark promised that he would celebrate the victory to stay up longer than usual.

– I celebrate tonight, maybe it will be something good to drink. My oldest daughter is also at the party. I can stay up. Now I’m going into the second breath, he said.

“Will Cry”

Student Alex Hermansson was knocked out earlier in the season and had had plenty of time to recharge before the party.

– I believe this: we will dance on our heads at night. It will be a magical celebration. But also sad that this is the last night with the gang. I will definitely cry, he said.

The dancer Kristjan Lootus stayed in the background with a glass of champagne.

– There are so knökat that I have not been able to take me to the dance floor. But that comes later in the night. The music is in all cases groovy, he said.

Participants were even treated to performances from Nanne Grönvall and Robin Stjernberg. Grönvall were aiming for a late night.

– This is the last night with the gang, it’s so fun to meet everyone. There will be dancing, and then maybe we go any further, she said.


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