Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SVT warned children of the interview with Bruce Jenner – Aftonbladet

SVT Play showed the acclaimed interview where American sports and TV star Bruce Jenner speaks out about her sex change.

When warned children from viewing the program.

The Olympic hero and reality star. Kim Kardashian plastic dad Bruce Jenner is one of the most publicized celebrity in the United States.

This weekend, he told of his way to becoming a woman for TV profile Diane Sawyer . The program was seen by over 17 million Americans.


On Tuesday published the interview on SVT Play. When supplied software with a warning that the content was inappropriate for children.

It gave rise to a storm of criticism on social media.

One of those who questioned the warning was twittraren Fredrikstad Yarn .

“Incomprehensible tosvtplay have given Sawyer’s interview with Bruce Jenner status” suitable for children “#svt #BruceJenner,” he wrote.

Have deleted

SVT explains cautions that the program shows scenes where transsexu Ella subjected to hate crimes. But the warning has now been removed,

as Göteborgs-Posten first reported.

– People have misunderstood the warning transphobic. It was not our view, and I had not thought of the idea that it could be interpreted that way. I’m really sorry, this was the last thing I wanted, says Michael Österbyvägen , program manager at SVT facts, told the newspaper.

Footnote: Interview with Bruce Jenner broadcast in BBC1 on Thursday evening at 22:45


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