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Robbins was arrested at Melodifestivalen afterparty – drugs – Aftonbladet

Linus Svenning arrested for drugs – in Melodifestivalen afterparty.

He left the urine and admitted that he used the drug.

According to Sven Scaffolding record label, he has after the arrest received specialist help for their addiction in New York.

During the Second Chance in Helsingborg in March broke Linus Svenning, 25, on to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

But at the after party at the Hotel Plaza Marina took the police suspicions against him, and shortly after midnight, he was arrested on suspicion of drug offenses.

Linus Svenning had to provide a urine sample. At the same time, he acknowledged in interviews that he had taken cannabis.

In the preliminary investigation writes Police:

“Linus has large pupils, bloodshot shiny eyes and say self-consumption of cannabis a while ago.”

tested positive during the afterparty

Nöjesbladet have read the lawsuit and there appears to Linus Svenning tested positive for cannabis in the after-party, first in a quick test on the spot, and later in a right chemical examination of Forensic Medicine.

In the interview with the police claiming Svenning that he smoked a joint in the city of Malmö two weeks prior to the Second Chance, but accepts the same time a punishment.

Went back to afterparty

Linus Svenning released by police narcotics detectives at 0:45 the night between Saturday and Sunday and then returned to Melodifestivalen afterparty where he continued to spend time with his family and friends for a few hours.

On the basis of the test results and since Linus Svenning recognized in questioning claims the prosecutor in the lawsuit that he be sentenced to a daily fine of 1,500 crowns without a hearing.

Twice previously Linus Svenning fined for cannabis use.

“Got recurrence of accomplishment press”

Linus Svenning is currently in the US and Nöjesbladet have sought him repeatedly on Wednesday.

In the afternoon sent Sven Scaffolding record label Stockhouse out a press release:

“Linus has during his childhood periodically had an unwanted dependence on cannabis. When he got the chance to invest fully in his music, he was also an ultimatum to stop all forms of illicit drugs. Linus then decided to fully concentrate on the music, unfortunately created the performance constraints of the Eurovision Song Contest lot of pressure on Linus who had a relapse. “

Sheep specialist help in New York

press release writing Joakim Jordansson on Sven Scaffolding record labels to Svenning not under the influence of drugs during rehearsals, transmission or at the after party. Instead, it is argued in the press release that he smoked cannabis on Thursday evening after the day’s rehearsals, the day before the public dress rehearsal for the Second Chance.

According to the press release went Linus to New York April 1st to get specialist help for their problems and then, he has traveled on to Los Angeles to write music.

“He says that the treatment, which is still ongoing, has made great progress and he begins to recognize himself more and more.” writes Joakim Jordansson in the press release.

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