Friday, April 17, 2015

Jonas Bjorkman went out of the “Let’s Dance” – Aftonbladet

Jonas Bjorkman forced to leave “Let’s Dance” tonight.

Ready for the final is Marie Serneholt and Ingemar Stenmark.

– It is clear one is disappointed, says former tennis star.

There were three couples who made up the semi-finals. And the one that fell on the finishing line was Jonas Bjorkman, who along with dance partner Veera Kinnunen was forced to leave “Let’s Dance”.

– Of course you are disappointed, I’d really love liked to dance finale also now when you come so close, he says to Aftonbladet TV reporter on the spot.

– There are viewers who vote and unfortunately I did not get enough votes.

Praises his partner

Although he misses finale is Jonas Bjorkman satisfied with his performance – and he pays tribute to his partner.

– It is not only my merit, Veera is sick clever, I had not been able to get a better partner. I’ve got a friend for life also, he says to TV4.

– I am so glad that I took on this challenge.

“Absolutely incredible”

After the jury said its had Marie Serneholt received the highest score. Ingemar Stenmark low last, despite it, he took it to the final and fight for victory with Serneholt.

– Absolutely incredible. I never thought I’d come so far, said ski legend to TV4.

So the semi-finals – minute by minute.


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