Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Old Man Googling a pansartax – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Among the words he particularly stuck for are “old man googling”, which means that you argue back and forth without coming up with something, instead of developing their phone to find out the answer.

In the book listed slang words, their meaning and what year the first time documented. Many terms have been used in various ways over the years. Turns For example, the hose “pear” must see that it was used in 1910 for “nose” and 20 years later for “head”. In the 1960s they started using it when you talked about a “parent” – but also instead of “teenager”.

In the 1980s, one could refer to the “face”, a “stupid person” or “pointy breasts” when using the same words. The last meaning of “pear” is “football”, which appeared in the 2000s.

Self uses Benjamin Thoren hose to spice language, but dare not throw himself with the expression whatsoever.

– I would never try me on to talk hose with youth or go into a hip gangs and believe that I can keep up. I should have written a warning triangle on the book: “do not use it!” He says with a laugh.

He likes mainly an expression that is based on puns and explains the fascination that he is half Gothenburger.

– I was not born there or anything, but it is probably in the genes that likes a bit dreary puns. I love such as when renaming the buildings and streets … that when the Globe was renamed Ericson Globe and people started calling it “the IT bubble,” he says.

Another favorite word has been around him since he wrote his first slang dictionary in the 1990s.

– Pansartax! It is a favorite and means crocodile. But I’ve never used it, he said.


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