Monday, April 13, 2015

Mikael Persbrandt: “Is war inside me then” – Expressen

Mikael Persbrandt begin a bipolar investigation.

The experience he shares in his new podcast, where he also talks about his feelings regarding recidivism and substance abuse.

– As soon as I have taken my relapse, I’m not sams at all, it is war inside me then, he says in the podcast “I am Mikael Persbrandt.”

On Monday morning the news was released that Mikael Persbrandt start a podcast . The first episode is already available and where he reads, inter alia, a poem and sing a song. The poem is about glory, and afterwards he says:

– Sometime soon I discovered the intoxication that flight, as consolation, as medicine. The one for me unmanageable world.

In the podcast, he wants to tell his life story and tells him to do an investigation to find out if he is bipolar. In interviews with DN and VI magazine autumn 2013, he told me for the first time about his illness.

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– I am diagnosed bipolar. But I medicate? No. You become so damn tired of Medicine, can fall asleep anywhere, said he told the paper we.

Any inquiry is not made, until now.

– It is time. That I have not done. It has been that I am in the newspapers, but that’s just bullshit, but I want to deal with it unmanageable in my life. I feel that it is time, he says in the podcast.

The report will be made at St George’s Hospital in Stockholm, where he held a first meeting with her responsible physician.

– What am I going with one to then, I’ll have it to blame for everything devilry I messed up on the globe? No, I will not, but I need tools, I experience a loss of control at certain times in my life, I want to deal with it, he said.

In the personal podcast he tells also how he was when he “hooked, and says he has changed for the better.

– I think I have begun to dare to take me off that armor. And it takes the time it takes. It has taken fucking many years for me, but it feels like I’m starting to disarm myself. I think I’m starting to get a strain in me that does not need armor.

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He also talks about the feeling after a relapse.

– As soon as I have taken my relapse, I’m not sams at all, it’s a war inside me then. It is a war in the final phase, a devastated landscape. Corpses throughout this entire field, smoldering ruins. A ‘Terminator’ -landskap, one after the bomb mode. Where I stand and creeps and crawls for it is the . What I do when I abuse is to bathe in hell and folly. And in the middle of it where there’sa enjoyment. A feeling of having cut all the ropes and just drift away, he says in the podcast.

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