Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ulf Lundell ends blog: Adieu – Aftonbladet

A rock legends disappear from the blogosphere.

Now add Ulf Lundell down his blog Badgers operation indefinitely.

– I have to devote myself to what is mine and mine writes Lundell on the blog.

Ulf Lundell has since December been the blog Badgers operation. But now he lays down operations indefinitely.

“Closes this blog now for a while. Maybe back in the summer. Magnolias everywhere, spring explodes. But now I will be private. Thank you so much,” writes he said.

As a further factor indicates Lundell: “I have to devote myself to what is mine and mine. Adieu.” He signs the final message with the signature UL.

Gone to attack

On his blog, the artist has, among other things, said that he had been robbed, attacked the Eurovision Song Contest (“It was one of the worst programs I’ve seen “) and gone to hard attacks against the English music hall of fame (” where’s Pugh Rogefeldt? “).


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