Monday, April 20, 2015

Linus Svenningsens be canceled in Sandviken – Express

Arragörerna fleeing Linus Svenning after the drugs in the contest.

Since last week, he has canceled three concerts, most recently in Sandviken.

– For us it is obvious, says Fredrik Granting, president of Göransson Arena to Gefle Dagblad.

Linus Svenning, 25, tested positive for cannabis during the afterparty at Second Chance in Helsingborg in March and was taken by the police.

Since then he has canceled three concert organizers. Last week, chose his domicile Hörby in Skåne to set his gig at Hörby Culture Festival. Even Karlshamn booked by him for the drug free graduation concert in Bellevue Park.

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During the upcoming weekend he would behave on euri Floor Ball Tour at Göransson Arena in Sandviken, but now canceled even the organizer artist.

– We obviously reject all forms of drugs, says Fredrik Granting, president of Göransson Arena to Gefle Dagblad and continues

– This is an event that caters to children and young people, and when it does not work to have an artist who uses drugs. For us it is obvious, I put no personal values ​​if people use drugs. But in the environments we move, we take total distance, there is zero tolerance for drugs. Then I hope he gets the care he needs.

Instead, Mange Makers perform at the festivities, the paper said.

At the after-party in Helsingborg Svenning tested positive for cannabis and in a quick test directly on the spot, and even later in a correct chemical explore king of Forensic Medicine. In the interview with the police says Svenning that he has smoked a joint two weeks before the second chance, but accepts simultaneously punishment. The lawsuit claims the prosecutor that he be sentenced to a daily fine of 1,500 crowns without a hearing.

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Last week went Sven wizard management issued a press release about the event to inform about the incident. As the artist also wrote himself about the incident on his Facebook page.

“A week before the after-party in Helsingborg, it was simply too much for me, I” smoked on the “to be able to fall asleep. It was either that or take heavy sleeping pills, which I hate. But during the Eurovision Song Contest was a must to take them disgusting tablets, if I had not done it, I had not got any sleep at all, at all. However, I also fear that I smoked because I do not want anymore, but it was the best option for me when it comes to fall asleep, “he wrote.

He also told me that he got professional treatment in the United States where he was to write music.

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