Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In technohedonisternas pilgrimage temple – Swedish Radio

Berghain in Berlin is usually described as the world’s most famous techno club. Tali da Silva have read Mats Wurnells reports about the club.

The feeling of crossing the notorious doorman Sven and go up the stairs while the bass hits the lungs, is a adrenaline experience. It’s all in there but also what is in the air, the myth of Berghain – technohedonisternas concrete temple, which gets the blood pumping fast.
DJs and Premium Sound System, it is no wonder that Berghain has become a pilgrimage site. But the photo ban and that at least half of those who stand in the queue may bring about, of course, also helps to keep the exclusivity and the myth alive.
As a quick introduction works Mats Wurnells reportage good. He cross between techno birth in Detroit, the importance of the Berlin Wall and gaykulturens impact on the German club life. When he puts the point, he has brought a desire for more. But mostly just scratched the surface.
Where are the wild tall tales as techno Germans can tell their grandchildren? Why he only touches on the fact that the club tourism has become so important to Berlin politicians established a fund to secure the club’s survival? How does it affect a former gritty subculture to be a father mayor’s golden pig and cash cow? And so the feeling, the experience of being at Berghain, which he never quite reach. When the sun rises, the blinds are rolled down, the DJ drop the base and it has had time to be Monday but it bothered few hours.
I get the feeling that Wurnell have too much respect for the Berghain. That he is afraid to get too close and maybe crush that myth. As Berghainälskare I understand him. But as a reader, I feel dissatisfied.

Music journalist Mats Wurnells reports about Berghain is published on Telegrams journalism, a sub-label to Telegrams publishers.


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