Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Agneta Sjödin has awakened after surgery: Now I have to heal – Aftonbladet

This morning was operated TV host Agneta Sjödin for his broken hip.

Now wait a long way back.

– Now I just have to heal, she says to Aftonbladet.

She sounds tired and goes on painkillers.

Agneta Sjödin , 47 has recently woken up after surgery at Karolinska University Hospital this morning, when Nöjesbladet talking to her on the phone.

– Everything has gone well. I’m a little groggy now and will soon talk to the doctor. I will get the jump on crutches for a few months, she said.

That was yesterday morning as she rode on Djurgården in Stockholm and would give way to a truck.

But bicycle wheels got stuck the tram track. Suddenly she lay under the truck. The pain was immediate.

was replaced in TV4

At the hospital, the doctor could see that she broke her hip.

Last night jumped Kristin Kaspersen in her place in the “Living Pulse” on TV4.

– It is incredibly sad for Agneta need to get into this, she is such an active person both professionally and as a person. Now we wait for what the doctors say and how Agneta know. Kristin Kaspersen continue to cover up initially and over the next week jumps Anna Brolin in. Then we’ll wait and see what happens, says Niklas Westberg, executive prodcent on TV4 and “living Pulse”.

The injury also means that she has to withdraw from the long bike ride, she would have done for charity in the US May along with, among others, the comedian Måns Möller.

In early June, begins filming of a new season of “Fort Boyard”.

“Take Father Rochefort location”

Agneta still hope that she can go on recording with coupplehorse Gunde Svan .

– I’ll just sit on Father Rochefort place. I really want to do “Fort Boyard” I’ve talked to Gunde and he supports me. I just want to recover me as soon as possible. But I realize of course that I need to heal so I do not have problems, she said.

Agneta will remain in the hospital until the weekend.

– I have to learn to sit up in bed, how to stand and climbing stairs.

The program director has been flooded with support from colleagues, friends and viewers.

– I’m totally touched by all appreciation, she says.


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