Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Criticism of the plans for digital radio – Radio Sweden

For seven years, it is thought that the radio network should be extinguished, and the radio to go digital. Now plans criticism of the National Audit who argue that it would cost more than it’s worth – both for the industry and listeners.

Among other points the criticism that the cost of the transition will be higher than previous estimates and that it is not clear whether radio listeners have a need for this change.

– For a transition should be reasonable so it is required that the decision basis broadened so as to take into account also to the deep economic calculations. So you really are convinced that this is the right way to go, says Auditor Margareta Åberg.

– Should I make a move, you should carefully consider when to turn off the FM network, if one whatsoever to do so.

The plan is FM network is extinguished in seven years, but according to the Auditor General Margareta Åberg, it is not reasonable given the question marks remain.

The National Audit Office has examined the economic costs of this transition as both are about what the individual radio listeners are forced to pay and investment charges imposed on building out the new network so it corresponds to the FM network.

– It would probably take as long as 50 years, if it even ever become profitable, says Margareta Åberg.

audit is also critical that the radio industry players have been given role as consultative bodies during planning . Something that Staffan Rosell, CEO of SBS Discovery Radio does not agree, he believes that several points in the State Audit Office’s report is misleading.

– For example, we talk all about an investment that should be recognized is for society part, which makes it sound like it’s tax money to be used for this, which it is not. The investments to be made is supposed to be taken by SBS, MTG and Radio Sweden, says Staffan Rosell.

At the same time listeners buying new appliances for more than 500 per unit, it does not pay you?

– It does not pay us, it is quite true. At the same time, we are in a time where people buy cell phones, televisions and tablets to thousands of dollars each year. Here we talk about a radio that costs a few hundred pieces. When you consider it, it feels like a pretty small cost, says Staffan Rosell.


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