Friday, April 24, 2015

Göran Lambertz damages the judiciary – Aftonbladet

More than 100 proof and “unique circumstances” to Sture Bergenwall is guilty of eight murders certainly sounds plausible.

Göran Lambertz book withstand however, a closer examination.

Lambertz, justices of the Supreme Court and the driving forces in the “Quick Team”, a sect consisting of a small group of men who have taken on the thankless task of getting population to understand that Sture Bergenwall owe, releasing today a book.

It’s called “Quickologi,” is nearly 500 pages thick, well-written and operates the thesis that newspapers radio and television, eagerly encouraged by Jan Guillou and Leif GW Persson, went on the lie that Bergenwall is innocent and that prosecutors and courts fell victim to the pressure that occurred.

Undeniably bold claims, but so has Lambertz never been a coward. Large parts of the legal profession, he has angered more than once.

A book of this kind should preferably be published by a publishing house populated by employees of review. Because we have to do with a slightly wild author. Just review does not appear to be the editor’s most prominent feature.

How can Lambertz allowed to speculate that Hannes Råstam, journalist in TV audits and in book form rolled up all the soup, decided to fool the entire population of that he would still die?

There is substantively incorrect in Råstam began its work a few years before he became ill with cancer. It is also deeply distasteful. Råstam was, if anything, punctilious in their quest for that every detail would be correct. More than a colleague became over the years mad at his eternal grubbing in documents that no one else cared about.

Succeed then Lambertz prove that “the country has suffered a very serious delusion”? He draws the correct conclusions “after a qualifying examination of the material”? Was it “substantially all” right to when the Quick was tried and convicted?

In a central crossing the radar Supreme Court Justice up things that Bergenwall has said and that no one other than the killer may have felt to. Page after page with the birthmark on one of the victim, a green house near a murder scene, a saw in a forest, “the lady who cried Lisa” and liksökhundens Zampos sniffanden.

A total of 100 unique circumstances. Thus, should the matter be clear. Lambertz seem to be right.

Now it’s not so simple. I have neither space nor patience enough to respond to all allegations, but let me give an example to illustrate how the author to do this.

Proof # 31 moves including a birthmark on the missing boy Johan Asplund Quick as described in a police interrogation. It turned out that Asplund had such a label. Case Closed.

Fact is, however, that the Quick guessed that it was a surgical scars on the abdomen. Interrogator Seppo Penttinen then turned to the boy’s mother, who said that the boy had a birthmark on the right buttock.

As chief prosecutor Björn Ericson would later say: “By leading questions relocated Quick now skin condition to its back. “

Almost all Lambertz cited evidence has also been tried and found not to keep out of ten prosecutors and 18 Court of Appeal judges in careful reviews of all available material.

This is a deeply problematic book. We have a Supreme Court judge, who shrugs his shoulders at the fundamental principle that an acquitted person shall be presumed innocent. The justices who for years now has been nagging that the evidence was fully sufficient, which is just another way of saying that Bergenwall killed eight people.

Marianne Lundius, the Supreme Court president, has been surprisingly clear about what she thinks. Lambertz ravages damage confidence in the Swedish courts. It is not difficult to agree.

That a fool violence, drugs could be lying to eight murder convictions does not impress. But the judiciary rehabilitated himself by tearing up the nonsense.

Göran Lambertz effort to the utmost to destroy what took years to build up.


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