Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reality father to become woman – Aftonbladet

Bruce Jenner is no more.

Early this morning Swedish time did the former Olympic gold medalist, reality show celebrity and Kim Kardashian plastic dad goodbye.

Now the 65-year-old woman.

– My brain is much more feminine than masculine. That’s what my soul is. Bruce live a lie. She’s not a lie.

Then, with tears in his eyes, said Jenner:

– I can not do it anymore.

The 65-year-old spoke out in a interview with Diane Sawyer on American television.

Hormone therapy for five years

Jenner did not reveal any female names he intends to use in the future. However, he stated that he has taken female hormones for five years and plans to fully undergo the change to woman.

Meanwhile stated sexbarnspappan and the thrice divorced Jenner that he is still attracted to women.

– I’m not gay. I’ve never been with a guy, he said, describing himself as “asexual, at the present time.”

Had women’s clothing

He told me that all his wives knew about his secret and that his last wife, Kris Jenner , had seen him in women’s clothing.

– I dream that woman, he said and stated that he was from an early age felt alien to his person.

As a young boy, he wanted to dress in dress and thought it felt good, but he did not understand what it meant.

– People see me in a different way. They see this macho man. But the female side is part of me, that’s who I am.

Not surprisingly

The revelation this morning was expected. Jenner’s transformation from man to woman has been followed by the American weeklies and some of his family members had with brief statements previously indicated what was going on.

“Bruce Jenner: the interview” began at midnight Swedish time asked Diane Sawyer his guest, “Are you ready?”.

He replied, “That’s me. Let’s get started. “

Then he continued:

– It will be tough. I’ve thought about this day for eternity and what I would do with my life. How do I tell my story, how I describe to people what I have gone through? That day is today.

Then he asked the presenter on a handkerchief and used it to wipe the tears in her eyes.

A woman’s soul

He told me how he had revealed his identity to their children.

– I told them, “God looking down, creating little Bruce. He gave me all these wonderful talents. But then he thought, “Wait a minute, we have to give him something to contend with in life. Let’s give him a woman’s soul. “

Not caught

He denied that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.

– I am a person and that is what I am. I am not caught in someone’s body. It’s just me. It’s who I am.

He said Kris Jenner’s daughter, Khloe Kardashian , 30, had the most difficulty with his disclosure.

– She has been very emotional. She has had a hassle with it. She has undergone many losses in life.

Another of his step-daughters, Kim Kardashian , has been Khloés contrary.

– She has been the most accepting and it has been the easiest to talk to.

Jenner dressed not as a woman, but showed during the two-hour broadcast part of their wardrobe, filled with women’s clothing. He took out a black, body-hugging dress with transparent sleeves.

He said he had taken hormones already in the 1980s to begin the change, but he took a look at their children and not “could carry the pain it would cause them. “

– I forced me back to my old life.

From now need Jenner did not do it.


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