Thursday, April 16, 2015

Daniel Espinosa’s new blockbuster stopped in Russia – Swedish Radio

Daniel Espinosa’s latest blockbuster Child 44 with a number of Swedish actors in leading roles have been stopped for display in Russia. The film is set in the Soviet Union in 1952, Russia’s ultra-conservative Minister of Culture says it means an insult to the Russian nation.

Child 44 has been stopped, just a day before the was premiered in Russia and that means that moviegoers will miss out on, among other things, Joel Kinnaman, Noomi Rapace and Fares Fares.

The Ministry of Culture said to have been taken in agreement with the distributor but it’s not hard to see it all as a work of culture minister himself, Vladimir Medinskij, which is known for its deep conservatism and nationalism.

Child 44 is a thriller about a serial infanticide in the early 50s. Medinskij says that the movie is an insult to Russia, it is filled by the Western clichés and the Soviet Union portrayed as a country that is populated by morally destroyed in humans. This is a country that has just won the war and become a world leader and will soon be sending up the first man in space, the film will never be allowed to appear on any cinema in Russia, rattling culture minister.

Possibly the film in a particularly sensitive moment. On May 9, Russia celebrates the 70th anniversary of the victory in World War II and there is a strong patriotic frenzy ahead of the anniversary and everything that is perceived as a disparagement of the country and its history is impossible.


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