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Lassgård is a man named Ove – Göteborgs-Posten

In a terraced area in Trollhättan patrolling surgubben Ove to check that the neighbors follow the rules. – Ovar are everywhere, says Rolf Lassgård, the protagonist in the film based on the best-selling novel A man named Ove.

The scene that unfolds in a dim living room Bergkullevägen feels just as fateful as the rigged ceiling hook in Ove full house on the other side of the footpath. Rolf Lassgård corrects his cap and handkerchief ready to wipe away the liquid that seeps out of the Alzheimer’s sufferer neighbor Runes mouth. When the neighbor’s wife Anita leaving the men to retrieve the garden hose Ove asked if he goes into action, bends over the chair and communicates Rune a secret.

When Ove leave neighbor, that have taken over his chairmanship of the housing cooperative after what Ove consider as a “coup d’etat”, he is determined that the gas hose to death in the garage. Distressed by the grief of his wife Sonja’s death and the loneliness he feels.

After several shots the director Hannes Holm satisfied and breaking break. Rolf Lassgård receive a bottle of mineral water in his hand and notes;

– This is no fishistoria. It is based in a reality soil, where we will overshoot. Ove old men old man, in the beginning, he is really shit. A man who makes many of us just thinking …

– It is said to be a Ove in all men, I have heard of women. He strikes something that we recognize ourselves in. I think I have a Ove myself, admits he and exemplifies that it happened that he wanted to go out to the neighbors to complain about a nighttime, loud housewarming, but instead grabbed jaw, remained in bed and wished that he dared to give back to awaken them at six in the morning. For it had Ove done.

The filmmakers which is now acting on Film in the West’s home ground rent three townhouses shooting location. In Ove home interior has been replaced internally to give a flashback to the time when he and Sonja moved in. The furniture follows the same era and in the dining room is Sonja’s books collected in a bookcase that Ove built.

– There he goes around in an estate and longing, announces Rolf Lassgård who is the same age as his character.

– He’s 59, I’ve just turned 60. Yet it is that he belongs to a different generation, as he comes from another time. I belong to the curling dad generation in jeans, he says, and pulls a little at Ove’s gabardine trousers flapping.

– Ove is special to portray, I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s almost a little old man of action, tan, he and director Hannes Holm resemble him at a Clint Eastwood when he was patrolling on the terraced street.

– It’s the Wild West all over it, like Holm, who hope that those who read the book get “recognition points” on the silver screen. Plus a few surprises.

– We could have done a kind of Trollhättan Solsidan, but this movie is about love, basically, he says, in an attempt to define genre of he takes Carin Mannheimer’s Swedish hearts for help, a combo of drama and comedy.

– I think there is a great need for everyday stories. Self I read the book after I knew it would be a movie and found my parents in it, my upbringing, bilutflykterna and dealings with the neighbors.

The recording is done in Trollhättan is partly a matter of course because Ove is a man which highlights the importance of always driving the Saab.

– And even if Saab have gone under so’re Trollhattan Saab City, says Holm.

In the hunt for the perfect terraced area checked filmmakers However, the housing stock in other parts of the country. And ran into exercise.

– Almost everywhere we roared in with a car, it was a Ove stop sign and shouted “here you get the hell not run!”.

Facts : A man named Ove

Document : 59-year-old Ove is the neighborhood vresige prefect who several years earlier set aside as chairman of the condominium association. I do not care, he and controls with an iron fist over the area. When heavily pregnant Parvaneh family moves into the terraced house opposite and accidentally backing into Ove’s mailbox will be the prelude to a story of unexpected friendship and love so strong that only death looks like the only way out …

The film based on Fredrik Backman’s debut novel of the same name so far sold 800,000 copies.

Director and screenwriter: Hannes Holm

Cast: Rolf Lassgård (Ove), Philip Berg (Kid Ove ), Ida Engvoll (Sonja), Bahar Pars (Parvaneh), Chatarina Larsson (Anita) Börje Lundberg (Rune), Klas Wiljergård (Jimmy) and others.

Filming locations: Trollhättan and Majorca.

Production: Three Friends in collaboration with Film i Vast and Nordisk Film.

Premiere: Christmas Day 2015th


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