Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SVT backing following criticism of trans-phobia – Göteborgs-Posten

When SVT would show the interview with transgender Olympic medalist and reality celebrity Bruce Jenner was equipped it with a warning: “This program is unsuitable for children”. After strong reactions in social media, now back SVT. The text has been removed and they should revise its warning.

Bruce Jenner is one of America’s most famous sports people and has in recent years become known as Kim Kardashian’s stepfather in the reality series The Kardashian. In an interview with Diane Sawyer she says candidly to viewers about plans to undergo a sex change.

The interview was broadcast on SVT at 22:45 tomorrow night. On SVT Play aired on Tuesday, and then was fitted with a warning that it was inappropriate for children. It aroused strong reactions in social media, where the warning was interpreted as transphobic. One who responded was Anna Thomasson, president of the organization Summarize.

– When it is not made clear what it unsuitable’s about getting a notion that the warning is about the big picture: Bruce Jenner’s plans for gender reassignment and experiences based on it. It is unfortunate and sends extremely poor and problematic signals when SVT writes that this is inappropriate for children.

SVT mean they supplied the program with the warning that it contained strong scenes. What do you think about that?

– Strong scenes with hate crime affects everyone. The clip should be fitted with a trigger warning about the specific scenes. Scenes of people exposed to hatred, intimidation, discrimination, harassment and hate crimes do not just children badly affected, says Anna Thomasson.

After the many reactions in social media, SVT has now chosen to remove the warning. Michael Österbyvägen, program manager at SVT facts, say they will review the warning system.

– People have misunderstood the warning transphobic. It was not our view, and I had not thought of the idea that it could be interpreted that way. I’m really sorry, this was the last thing I wanted. My whole point was that raising this issue. Now we will look into this and see if we can do more directional signs that we can formulate different, says Mikael Österbyvägen.


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