Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Metallica The star dropped the phone – and 250 new riffs – Göteborgs-Posten

Never forget to make backup copies of the contents of your mobile! It has Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet had to learn the hard way.

As late as 2012 told Kirk Hammet that he had recorded 400 riffs before Metallica’s new album , the tenth in succession.

Now, 250 of låtidéerna missing, then Hammet lost his mobile. He had saved lots of riffs on the cell phone without doing any backup, writes The Guardian.

– I had the riff on my iPhone, but six months ago I lost mobile with 250 song ideas on. I was devastated. There was no backup, says Hammet podcast The Jasta Show.

He continues:

– I only remember eight of them. It was just to accept and move on.

Metallica album will be of still and be recorded with producer Greg Fidelman. Despite the disappointing riffs miss the disc will be “superriffigt and super heavy” promises Hammet.


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