Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Agneta Sjödin in severe bike accident – Aftonbladet

She came under a truck after being stuck with bicycle wheels in the tram track.

Now, forced presenter Agneta Sjödin to surgery for broken hip.

– I was just crying and crying, she says to Aftonbladet.

The tears flowing.

She was struggling with a huge pain.

Agneta Sjödin, 47, has just received the reply from the X-ray – her hip is broken.

“A hip fracture. There will be two screws, surgery tomorrow morning. Thank you for all your love it warms really because it feels a bit heavy right now. “Writes Hosted on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon.

It was earlier on Tuesday that TV host cycled past Gröna Lund on Djurgården in Stockholm.

When she would give way to a parked truck where the accident occurs. Bicycle wheels fasted for tram track and Agneta lost control.

– I thought License to Drive, now I die, says Agneta Nöjesbladet.

She fell and landed under the truck, received bang on the right side of the hip and elbow.

“has been crying a lot”

The pain was immediate.

– I screamed for help. I could not get up.

“Help someone must help me. I scream shocked and heartbroken with a thousand thoughts that father in the head, “she wrote on Instagram of the event.

Agneta Sjödin cared now in the emergency room at a hospital in Stockholm. Shortly after Nöjesbladet call will she be told by the doctor the type of treatment that now awaits.

– I go on painkillers but feel it starting to drop now. It is really tough, I have cried a lot. I practice the very now for the race.

On May 2 would Agneta Sjödin and Måns Möller cycling in the United States for charity.

She is now forced to set up tonight’s “Living Pulse” on TV4. Her colleague Kristin Kaspersen jumps in her place.

– I want to warn all cyclists and encourage everyone to take it easy, says Agneta from the hospital bed.

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