Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner hailed large after the interview – Express

The TV celebrity Bruce Jenner has now spoken out about her change.

– I am a woman, he said during an interview with the star reporter Diane Sawyer.

Now, he is celebrated throughout the world.

“I’m proud to stand at Bruce’s side and support him, “wrote the step-daughter Cortney Kardashian on Twitter.

Speculation and rumors have been many before Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer aired during the early hours of Saturday.

Reality TV star said he took female hormones for five years developing the late 80′s.

The past two years he has started taking them again.

– At the moment I have all the male parts and stuff, so in many ways I am different, he said during the interview.

– But I identify myself still as woman, and it is difficult for Bruce Jenner to say, because I do not want to make people disappointed.

Jenner also told me that he donned women’s clothing at an early age.

– I made a mark in the closet so that it would look exactly the same as before, he said.

He says that the clothes made him feel good.

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After the highly publicized interview was acclaimed television profile online:

“I’m proud to stand at Bruce’s side and support him,” wrote the step-daughter Cortney Kardashian on Twitter.

His former wife, Kris Jenner, whom he has daughters Kendall and Kylie with, writes: “I have been able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, now I can also call him my hero.”

The pop star Miley Cyrus’ he wrote, she loves Bruce Jenner after the interview. She writes in another tweet that you should never be ashamed of who you are.

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Both Jenner’s ex-wives and his sister have always known that he had been trans-sexual, but always kept it a secret. During the past year, the circuit has been extended to his mother and ten children.

Jenner’s first wife, Chrystie Scott said in a statement to ABC that she supports him.

– A person who have lived the first 65 years of his life in the wrong gender have every right to live the last part of his life as his real self.

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