Saturday, April 18, 2015

Police arrested the suspect gevärsman in Degerfors – Aftonbladet

A man armed with a hunting rifle struck terror in Degerfors.

Witnesses said that he walked around the center and sifted with a rifle similar items on passing cars.

– He was aiming really straight for us, says Tobias who went past the man.

Two hours after the first alarm was arrested the man.

At 19 o’clock began Degerforsbor alert the police that an armed man walked around in the center of the community.

Police warn people to go out due to a young man armed with a rifle similar items writes local site Collaboration in Degerfors and Karlskoga.

A major police operation has been taken to arrest the man, but police in Örebro County has not gone out with some details.

Stood outside the police office

A witness who drove past earlier in the evening saw a man who looked to be in her 20s standing outside the closed police station already at 19.30.

He should have stood, and called on the door.

– Then saw my boyfriend that he stood with a rifle which he held to the ground. We saw that it was a rifle scope on it, she says.

– He turned and stared at us with a nasty look. He was only three or four feet away from us.

“aimed against the cars’

Tobias and a friend were on their way to Ica in Degerfors when they caught sight of the man.

– He stood and aimed at cars that drove past, says Tobias.

– We really felt threatened, he looked totally freak out.

Tobias says that the man who went around in t-shirt and jeans also looked smashing police office in Degerfors.

– He looked to hit the door with full force, says Tobias.

When they arrived Ica at 19:30 pm, the store was closed because of the suspected gunman.

closed the store

Ica Crown Hall in Degerfors was closed for a period of Saturday night the police advice.

– They had an issue with a person with a weapon, much more we do not know, says Mikael Norling at 20:45.

– Now we’ve got the green light to reopen.

Tobias says that they saw the man again when they ran out of Degerfors again. Then he stood still and was aiming for cars.

– It felt quite sick, he stood right in the center Degerfors with guns, says Tobias.

The area was later seen police officers with drawn weapons searched the society. According to Stefan Hallberg at the national command center can confirm that the alarm has been about a suspected armed person.

– And a man is now gripped says Stefan Hallberg, at 21:21.

According to information Aftonbladet arrested the man near a tavern in downtown Degerfors shortly after 21 o’clock.

– They’ve taken him, they seized him ten minutes ago. I went out the back and saw four, five policemen went away with him. He yelled and screamed: “What are you doing ?, says one witness told Aftonbladet.


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