Thursday, April 30, 2015

Håkan Hellström is working on the new album – Expressen

Håkan Hellström fans, feel no sorrow:

Now, the artist reveals that he is working on a new album.

And today releases his mom a new song.

“I started with a couple of new stuff ago For some time, “writes the artist on Facebook.

It all starts with the artist Hakan Hellstrom wish their fans a happy May Day on Facebook.

“Hope you have a good time out there, now that summer is approaching. Now that everything turns out. And I have started with new stuff since a while back. Can not really say when it will” writes Håkan Hellström, and promise the fans to tell before he releases again.

In addition, releases his mother, Christina Hellström, a new song today: “San Francisco”.

“Until next Disc you get to put up with my 76 year old mother. And Bjorn Olsson. In empathy, to light. Happy holidays and take it easy, you are slipping around in the evening and tonight. Hug from Hakan. “

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Mom Hellstrom hailed

In the comment field becomes mother Christina Hellström acclaimed.

“So as you sing, you and your mother, just fine” writes a follower.

“Cruel mother you have! Sounds very Hellströmskt “writes another person.

Håkan Hellström debuted as a solo artist in 2000 with the album” Feel no sorrow for me Göteborg. “Later, he became one of Sweden’s most popular artists with several songs that topped the charts.

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played at Ullevi

Last summer played Håkan Hellström at Ullevi in Gothenburg. Nearly 70 000 people were at the concert, which was by far the biggest gig on Swedish soil.

The concert was later released on video and CD. Last Håkan Hellström released a studio album was 2013, when the ‘Never huh over for me. “It was his seventh in a row.

The same year also released Swedish feature film” Feel no sorrow, “which is based on Hakan Hellstrom songs.

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