Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ingvar Oldsbergs joy after channel change – Aftonbladet

The flagship comes to the surface.

Ingvar Oldsbergs “lotto” -succé means a comeback in TV4.

– It feels like I have captured an Olympic gold medal, he said.

From being one of TV4′s program “lotto” the last seven years been broadcast on sister channel Seven .

But then Ingvar Oldsberg , 70, took over the program manager role from Marie Serneholt , 31, in August 2014, and with strict requirements could renew the content has långköraren given new life.

Thanks viewing is higher and more sold lottery program makes a comeback in TV4 will premiere later in August.

– It’s fantastic that the program after seven years at Seven and a bit neighboring fallow must step up on the big stage again. The program was not feeling well and had become a self-playing piano. They did as they always have. You can not point to anything other than changes have played a big role in this, says Ingvar Oldsberg.

“A great victory”

The season before Oldsberg took over, they were average viewing figures of 184 000 per episode. Oldsbergs first season increased the average with over one hundred thousand viewers per episode and his current second season canapés 240,500 per episode.

Oldsberg see the channel change as a personal triumph.

– I feel it is a great victory. Damn, now we’ve got it in fourth grade. It’s fists in the air, here we go! It feels like I’ve captured an Olympic gold medal. Now I am looking only for a podium to climb on Vasaplatsen, he says, laughing.

Want to make more changes

As a consequence of the move await new changes for the format. Exactly how they will look like is too early to say, according to Ingvar Oldsberg.

– It is a process that surely going right up to the premiere. I think we can increase both easier viewing and lottery tickets if we change the concept. It may sound a bit pretentious but I drive the little David Lettermanskt with my desk and guests to break up from it “only” should be a lottery program. Now I think we can change it a snap to, he said.

Reduced transmission

One of Oldsbergs requirements before taking over the program leader’s work was half an hour longer broadcast. The move to TV4 will “lotto” being fourth shorter compared to the last season.

– We must work with. But I still think that the benefits will be on TV4 will be so big. We must work professionally and inventive with the shorter format and see how it works. After a few programs, we have the result in black and white and only then can you convey perceptions of the shorter period, he said.


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