Friday, April 17, 2015

Guided tour by Vilks set – not safe – Expressen

The police have stopped Lars Vilks from guiding students at his artwork Nmis on Kullahalvön. The risk is too great – both for participants and for other people on the site.

– It is not consistent with the safety approach we have said Lars Performed Tell the police the southern region.

Over 200 students looked forward to a guided tour to Lars Vilks artwork Nimis on Kullaberg. That it was the artist himself who would show his work contributed to the great interest.

From the beginning, the police had only requested that participants would be documented and presented in advance. But as interest grew stronger was planned unsustainable.

– To have several hundred people in place is not a safety with the threat that exists, says Lars Performed Tell.

– Where may be other people who do not have a clue that they might be in danger.

The excursion will still be off – but without Vilks as a guide.


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