Sunday, April 19, 2015

Two ready for the final battle in Eternal Glory – Göteborgs-Posten

Danijela Rundqvist and Björn Lind won the team final of the Masters champion. But the evening’s most talked-Magnus Muhréns story about his deep depression.

Tour Finals in SVT’s Masters champion on Sunday night was thrilling. Two groups of ones would be appointed and move on to the final battle in the competition program.

Björn Lind got round the highest points and became the first to qualify. Magnus Mühren and Danijela Rundqvist met in the night duel, where Rundqvist had the best balance. Lind and Rundqvist then go further while Mühren and Anna Olsson knocked out.

But the evening’s most talked- element was bandy player Magnus Muhréns story about him for long periods struggled with depression.

– It crashed in 2005 due to high workload. I had major problems with stress, anxiety and panic attacks, he says in the program.

He turned pro in Russia but was feeling very bad, both spiritually and because of physical damage. He returned to Sandviken, but left the club a few years later after a fight.

– There was so much happening over the last ten years of his career when I was not really in balance that was so wrong … it is difficult to accept, he said.

He moved to Gothenburg , but the dark thoughts were about to take over.

– Honestly, I’m very happy that I’m sitting here today. So bad it was during this time, says Magnus Mühren in the program.

After three years, he moved back to Sandviken and got their revenge. He had to end his career fabulously. His two goals in the final meant that he reached 700 goals and won his fifth national championship.

– I was actually tip the scales in many of the last matches and I’m proud of it, says Magnus Mühren and voice breaks.

While the other champions into the sofa was blankögda when they looked at the pictures from Magnus Muhréns last game for SAIK.

Next Sunday is the time to group two to arrive at the races. Then, among others, Frank Andersson, Anna Carin Zidek and Helen A Johansso n make up for the remaining two final scenes.


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