Friday, April 17, 2015

Erik Hassle in serious traffic accident in the US – Aftonbladet

The Swedish artist Erik Hassle taken to hospital after being involved in a serious traffic accident in Colorado.

Twelve people were injured in a series of crash including one seriously, writes Denver Post .

– Erik is unharmed but dazed, says manager Adis Adamson.

The accident occurred early Friday, local time in Colorado, on the way In-70th

The Denver Post writes that several vehicles were involved, including two tour buses for the rock band Twin Shadow, the Swedish artist Erik Hassle 26 on tour with.

Tour buses will be according to the newspaper have collided with two trucks and a mobile home. Twelve people were injured in the crash series. One of the bus drivers have been taken to hospital with serious injuries, writes Denver Post. Damage Location for the other eleven are said to be of a less serious nature.

Hassle taken to hospital

Adis Adamson is Erik Hassle’s general manager.

– Erik was sleeping in bus when the accident occurred. He is unhurt but dazed. They took him to the hospital but he is feeling okay now, says the manager.

According to the Denver Post has university hospital in Colorado received seven patients who were injured in the accident. Five patients should reach the hospital in Aurora but all have been released from the hospital, the newspaper said.

Images of the accident shows how one of the tour buses front is completely demolished.

Following the accident shut down road and emergency services are working intensively at the site.

Dense fog

At the time of the accident should the weather conditions have been treacherously with dense fog and sleet.

– The was on his way to Canada to play but will go home to Los Angeles when it gets position, says Adis Adamson.

After the accident, wrote the Twin Shadows keyboardist Spencer Zahn sms to her mother Dorelle Zahn.

“I’ve been in an accident. I have pain but is conscious. Help has arrived, “says the mother he wrote, according to the Denver Post.

Erik Hassle released his debut album” Hassle “in 2009. He lives for two years in Los Angeles and is focusing on a career in the United States. After a period of silence, he released a new single earlier in April and plans to release a new album this fall.


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