Saturday, April 18, 2015

Art Fair Market a study in perseverance – Expressen

Nils Forsberg visiting the art fair Market in Stockholm but not dazzled by gloss.

You can not but say that it is great that they are doing. Art Fair Market celebrates its tenth anniversary and increased between the two most recent financial statements its sales by 20 percent.

To three million.

It’s really not that much.

For the second year in a row kept Market on Liljevalchs to and little is it that Art Basel, all konstmässors mothership and ideals of Microformats. Here, neither Bulgari or private jet rental company stands in the VIP lounge, there is not even any VIP lounge, but the champagne is cold, dry and free of charge during Thursday evening’s opening party and a Japanese premium car brand agree with vehicles to be bussing around important people, not clear which.

It is unfair to compare the Swiss Billion fair, with ten times more exhibitors and booth where rents start at the equivalent of 400 000 SEK. Once when I was there, it was actually a bit messy, for Brad and Angelina was apparently coming. When you look a little on the numbers of Market, galleries and other parties involved in the ongoing Stockholm Art Week will realize that either all skilled accountants or so is all mostly just shine.

But art then, apropos of glow? Well, much as usual. Some older works, including very fine Ola Billgren in Malmö gallery Leger. Little unexpected fills the pedagogical function once and for all show what Karin Broos in the hall next to the lack, namely the bow of darkness and melancholy.

Dan Wolgers (Galleri Magnus Karlsson) continues to successfully tone down their high-spirited tendencies and at Galleri Charlotte Lund does not cease mysterious Grünstein -interiörer from the closed National Museum to draw attention.

A Stockholm gallery owner with over 20 years in the industry tells us that art collectors are more and younger but also confirms that rich, there will still unknown. How do they cope? It is so incredibly fun.

It is this idealism that makes us fair visitors also may have access to at least a weak avglans of the glow that radiates from the big art world.


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