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Frank Andersson’s anger towards SVT – Aftonbladet

The Masters wanted to cancel the competition.

Heart Sick man Frank Andersson found that the branches were too harsh – and scolded production.

– I got a fit of anger he says.

Participants in group two made their first races in SVT’s “Eternal Glory” yesterday.

Then it immediately became infected between sporting heroes and production – which viewers never saw.

As with the first group, it was a tough physical start of recording the journey by hunters rest, obstacle course and a water course where the participants would dive deep to lift up heavy stones from a sunken boat.

Exbrottaren Frank Andersson , 58, would actually have been in the last year but canceled their participation because of severe heart failure which he has undergone several operations.

“Well hard”

He had not reckoned with the fierce competition level.

– It was very physical, certainly no bed of roses. I think it was too hard considering that none of us are directly active in the day. Some branches almost requires you to be there to do it in a good way, he said.

According to Frank Andersson cut it between the participants and production on several occasions. The first time was during the completion of the first obstacle course where the participants would take over a senior rib.

– They cut hard there. I think we were about 15 minutes. Damn, I can not. What’s the fucking branches? It is supposed to be feasible. Now it was the end but it was on the point. It was close to giving up there then, he says.

wanted to break the recordings

He states that the participants wanted to cancel the competition.

– Both teams talked all about it: now we do not care of it. We only go by. Then they said, no, no, you must do it. We gave us there then but they could well have put out a mat and let the last jump height over the bar? As it was now it was almost impossible, he said.

Even water stream was too harsh, according to Frank Andersson.

– I think it took 45 minutes before we were finished. And it worked like hell. A branch should not take more than 10-15 minutes. Then I got a fit of anger. I yelled to the producer: “Come here yourself you bastard so you’ll see how easy it is,” he says.

Were you worried about your health?

– It is clear that you felt when you got really tired. And when you’re little heart condition, you are damn tired, he said.

Leijnegard: “Is sad”

Frank Andersson took up his criticism of the hard races with SVT show host Mike Leijnegard.

– Mike agreed with me that it was probably a little too much physics, he says.

But Mike Leijnegard not share that view.

– Maybe it was to take in. I said, well more that if he felt that it was too hard so it’s dull. For it is not supposed to be that they blow up and I have never wanted. I wanted it to be the right level, he said.

Since the recordings Frank Andersson has undergone another surgery. In early April, he operated a machine where three electrodes goes into the heart.

– If it would stay, I get 750 volts, bam. When will it go in once again. It’s good to have it with them, he said.

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