Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Clara Henry pretended to party – Aftonbladet

When Clara Henry moved from Gothenburg to Stockholm, she was lonelier than ever.

Now tell Youtube star that she used to lie if she was out partying.

– People wonder what you are up for a boring bastard who does not think it is fun to drink.

Spray Sweat and spökmens. Today it is Clara Henry , 21, who is the host of “Summer in P1″. The program tells the Youtube star among other things, when she moved to Stockholm.

Clara Henry had just graduated and was booked for the capital of his grandfather.

– Take it beautifully now beware of Stockholm, there is so much dope in the town said my grandfather, she says of the program.

Clara Henry was in Stockholm to do a talk show on Channel 5, and she says that the move is the best happened to her.

– It was transformative. Have you seen the viral video of a deaf girl who hears for the first time? Not that I’ll ever understand how it is to discover a sixth sense but I swear on my mother that it must feel pretty much the same as when I moved to Stockholm.

Tells about the loneliness

At the same time, she has never been more alone.

– To be myself I think this is nice but there is a difference between being yourself and being alone. In Stockholm, I was alone. I had no friends and felt no one but the production company that I just started to work with.

Clara Henry also tells us that she lied that she was out partying.

– I have never partied very much and I think that it is because I actually quite introverted. When I moved to Stockholm and suddenly had no friends, it was not so bad in the beginning. I went as well as not missing out on anything on that front. But the thing is that when you are 20 bass, this prime age when you are just old enough to do what you want, and young enough to not be able to bother you. Then people wonder what you are up for a boring bastard who does not think it is fun to drink, she says:

– My half cash-confidence has repeatedly lied to others that I have been out for a Friday night when I really have been at home and eating potato chips and watched movies. Just because it is what is expected of me and it allows me to avoid difficult situations where I have to explain to my soffhäng actually was completely voluntary and that I think it’s great to go to bed at eleven o’clock.

“In Sweden’s largest city are all alone”

But Clara Henry knew not that it was only she who was alone.

– No one who lives in Stockholm, Stockholm. People have contacts, socialize with everyone, has a thousand friends and is everywhere. But in the largest city is all alone.

The “Summer in P1 ‘with Clara Henry sent today at 13.00.


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