Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mans Zelmerlöw was back at Sing-stage – Aftonbladet

Nöjesbladet readers agree – Mans Zelmerlöw took “Sing-along at Skansen”.

– You should never say never, says the ESC winner to come back as host.

Mans Zelmerlöw is hailed for her performance in “Sing-along at Skansen” and after the evening’s program wants more of Nöjesbladet readers have him back as host.

– Måns know how to spontaneously can hold a conversation and additionally speak to the viewers. He handles the interview completely yourself without Petra ask something, writes a reader.

Other entertained with:

– Måns! You rock! Come back as allsångsledare!

– Petra has a hard time the whole burden itself. Now came together with and as devils! Best Sing this year, all categories !, writes another.

Nöjesbladet Tobbe Ek held with readers.

– Mans Zelmerlöw completely own singing scene. It must almost feel a little embarrassing for SVT’s production, which took over after Måns Zelmerlöw stopped, comes in and completely dominate the whole consignment. He saves tonight’s broadcast, and he rescues also Petra also when doing a duet together, said Tobbe Ek after the broadcast.

“Like coming home”

Petra Marklund Mans Zelmerlöw sang GES -The song “A hell of Love” together, which gained momentum in the audience considerably. Additionally caught Mans Zelmerlöw with taunting Petra Marklund during the program.

– Have you won the Eurovision ?, he said during the program.

Afterwards Mans Zelmerlöw lyrical.

– It felt magically good. It was such a welcome from the audience, it felt like coming home.

However, those who hope to see Mans Zelmerlöw as host of “Sing-along at Skansen” risk being disappointed.

– I do not miss being the hostess but I’ve missed being here and spend summers here, it is such a family feel. I enjoyed every second of the three years I was here. But of course it felt great to be back as a performer and to do this from the other side, he says and adds:

– I will not come back in a while, you should never say never. Someday it may be necessary.

quarreled about the song selection

Even Petra Marklund was pleased with the evening.

– It feels absolutely amazing. It was so fucking awesome.

What was it like to drive duet with Måns?

– Great fun?

You quarreled a bit about who chose the song, who was it really?

– Haha, that was enough production.


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