Tuesday, November 29, 2016

27 creative sites, get funding for the arts – NSD


the arts council has selected 27 cultural projects all across the country – from Hertsön in Luleå to Rosengård in Malmö, which will share the newly created “creative places”-the contribution of 32 million.

the Projects are based on collaboration between several actors, often smaller compounds together with established institutions. An example is nätportalen Megafonen in stockholm suburb of Norsborg, which merge themselves with the teaterinstitutionen Young people Cope in the project “Local reality”.

Many of the projects lifts the site and the residents ‘ stories by working with the performing arts, music, artistic expression and poetry.

a Total of received over 200 applications to the arts council. 80 municipalities and all counties are represented among the applications.

“Creative places” is part of the “Own rooms”, a regeringssatsning on art and culture in some residential areas.


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