Monday, November 28, 2016

Sanna Nielsen is accused of racism – Göteborgs-Posten

Fun After his appearance in the Oscarsrevyn during the last week, the Sanna Nielsen up a picture on his Facebook page to thank them for “a fantastic revyvecka”. The image depicted True self, dressed as a geisha. The post has brought a kritikstorm from Facebookföljarna and Sanna Nielsen is accused of, among other things, racism. – Yellowface is racist bullying in its purest form, writes a upset Facebookanvändare.

the oscar Theatre in Stockholm, is turning 100 years old and celebrated with a colourful revue. A bunch of famous Swedish artists, among other Sanna Nielsen and Robert Gustafsson performed together in the old theatre.

Critique of the spectacle was relatively balmy, but on the whole it seemed to have been a successful performance.

But on Saturday night all Facebook loss, after Sanna Nielsen put up a picture of himself and Robert Gustafsson in the full variety outfit. Sanna’s character imagined, namely as a geisha with protruding front teeth.

“You will stand up against bullying in all its forms and then direct yourself to participate in a directly racist bullying. Why?” writes one of the följarna and “You will be upset over a few comments on your shirt and then you go out and dress up like an asian that looks stupid and is meant for the westerners to laugh at??”, writes another.

Sanna Nielsen himself was harassed on social media for a few weeks then when SVT announced that she would become this year’s julvärd. Among other things, people’s negative comments about Nielsen’s clothes and appearance. In connection with this, several well-known profiles, that the presenter Belinda Olsson, out in public, and defended Sanna Nielsen. Even Nielsen himself spoke out about bullying in the media.

the event is referenced it extensively in the comments field during Sanna Nielsen’s image.

“Disgusting, and it’s been True that the use rasstereotyper to satisfy “the people”. You ought to learn the lessons and insight to the terrible näthat and cyber-bullying you were subjected to a week ago, in order to affect the out-dated rasstereotyper on your current location.”, writing a upset facebook fans.

GP looking for Sanna Nielsen for comment.


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