Tuesday, November 29, 2016

She wins the ”All of Sweden bakes” after the great finaldramatik – Aftonbladet

From tears to segerjubel: "Absolutely fantastic"

The hemmabagare named Shireen Selfelt.

After an exciting final, she took home the prize in the "All of Sweden bakes".

– You can’t take it for granted, but I had a good gut feeling, ” she says.

She proved adept bakteknik and innovative pastries. It did Shireen Selfelt to this year’s winner of the "All of Sweden bakes".

But it was a dramatic final Shireen had to go through. During the competition she lost her cake on the floor, and the tears came. Despite this, she managed to turn the finals and become this year’s hemmabagare.

– It was absolutely amazing, a different feeling. I was not completely prepared for it, but it was absolutely wonderful, ” she says.

did you feel that you would win?

– Well, the little I had well it. Thought it went well the last few weeks, but it is so difficult. You can’t take it for granted, but I had a good gut feeling.

in Addition to the various challenges Shireen were faced with each week, the weather was the hardest to relate to.

– Sometimes it was so cold, that the man trembled and sometimes very hot. You should temper the chocolate if you do not want it to be too hot or cold. It is not often one stands out and bakes, but it was great fun so it was worth it, ” she says.

Jultipset: "Start time"

That the season now is over like she is a little sad. But at the same time, if bakprogrammet stop sent start another bakperiod; christmas.

to Face the annual stress fits the winner to tell julfirarna.

– Start time. Otherwise it will be like buying christmas presents on december 23. The best thing is to do things in time, the plan and throw it in the freezer,

What do you like to bake for christmas?

– I am a godisråtta that eat everything, but preferably something with chocolate in. Saffron and white chocolate always goes well together. I bake also saffron buns, but vary very much year to year. I have nothing I do every year, I like to test new things all the time.

How do you win tonight?

– There will be food and finaltårta with my friends, family and colleagues. It is great fun.

In the finals was Shireen Selfelt -Erik Dahlin and Isabelle Aderheim.


"All of Sweden bakes" – as it was then


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